Creating a BCeID

To use the VIP Online System Facilities require a Business BCeID account and Authorized Inspectors (AIs) require a Personal BCeID account.

Obtaining a Business BCeID

  • Register for a Business BCeID account by clicking here.
  • You’ll be guided through the process of creating a Business BCeID account.

Note: some business types (ie: DBA or Proprietorship) may be required to show photo identification at the local Government Agent’s Office to complete their BCeID registration.

Obtaining a Personal BCeID

  • Authorized Inspectors must obtain a Personal BCeID.
  • A Personal BCeID is required for inspection report verification and AI certificate renewal
  • Register for a Personal BCeID account by clicking here.
  • You will be guided through the process of creating this Personal BCeID account.

Note: Once you have obtained your Personal BCeID you will be required to identify yourself prior to accessing VIP Online for the first time.

How to Log in with your BCeID

  • Go to
  • Click the red button "Access to VIP Online Click Here"
  • Click the blue button “Log on to VIP Online”
  •  Log in using your BCeID and password
  • Log in with the Facility’s business BCeID to submit an inspection report, renew the Facility’s Licence or search for inspection reports by facility number.
  • AIs log in with their personal BCeID to renew their AI Certificate and to search for or verify inspection reports.
  • The first time an AI logs in with their Personal BCeID they must provide:
  • Authorized Inspector Number
  • Full Legal name as displayed on your Driver’s Licence or government issued ID.
  • Driver Licence Number (Optional)
  • After a successful logon you will be taken to the VIP Online Homepage.  
  • Please click on the links displayed for further information such as User Guides and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • eForm is accessed through the VIP Online Homepage.

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