Ministry of Transportation Forms

Notification of Claim

Please consider the option to send in your claim by e-mail to: If you choose this option please ensure that the following basic information is included: - YOUR FULL NAME, PHONE #, CELLULAR #, & ADDRESS; - DATE AND TIME OF THE INCIDENT; - LOCATION? Provide as precise a location as you can. Quote approximate distance to next town, any recognizable land features, signs or buildings or nearby structures; - POLICE REPORT NUMBER? (if the RCMP attended); - WHAT HAPPENED? Provide as much detail as you wish; - YOUR VEHICLE OR PROPERTY INFORMATION; - REPORTED TO YOUR OWN INSURERS? Provide insurance details, deductibles and contact information including your Insurance Claim Number; - NAMES AND PHONE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE YOU CONTACTED FROM THE MINISTRY OR ANY CONTRACTOR; - SEND ALL NECESSARY ATTACHMENTS TO: Fax (250) 356-9724 WITH YOUR FULL NAME PRINTED ON EVERY PAGE OR, if you prefer, you can fill out the form below: Complete, print out and mail or fax this PDF form once it has been completed. Be sure to print out a copy for your files.

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