Ministry of Transportation Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an "H-number" and how can I use this to find a form?

A. The "H" stands for Highways, and identifies all official Ministry of Transportation forms. No other ministries use H-numbers. It appears in small type at the bottom of all ministry forms, and can often be followed by the date in brackets -- for example:

H012 (01/2006)

To locate a form by its H-number, go to the Transportation Forms search page , then to the field titled:

"Search by text/keywords"

In the field, type the H-number, or part of the H-number. Press the Search button. Your form will appear on the Search Results page. You can download it, or open it from there.

Q. How do I find a form if I don't have the H-Number?

A. You can do a search by keyword. Type your keywords into the field titled:

"Search by text/keywords"

Click "Search". If your keywords are in the title of the form, the form(s) will appear on the Search Results page.

Alternatively, search by Business Area. Select a business area from the "Search by business area" dropdown list. Press Search.

Q. I've tried everything! I still can't find the form I'm looking for. What do I do now?

A. If you are sure the form you are looking for is a Ministry of Transportation form, and you still can't find it, there is a possibility is has not been made available on our public site. If that is the case, please email the Ministry Forms Contact, and identify the form you require.

Q. Where are all the CVSE (Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement) and Registrar of Passenger Transportation forms?

CVSE and Registrar of Passenger Transportation forms will be added to the Transportation Forms web site in the next phase of the project. For now, you can find their forms on the CVSE site or the site of the Registrar of Passenger Transportation directly.

Q. Can I be sure that the form I am looking for here is the latest version?

A. Yes. The intent of the Ministry Forms site is to provide a single point of access to all Ministry of Transporation forms, and ensure the most current version is made available.