Provincial load restrictions are updated as new information becomes available.

Province of British Columbia


Effective 1:00am Pacific Time on June 26, 2022

Provincial Numbered Routes - Unrestricted
#97 Cariboo Highway

Provincial Numbered Routes - 100%
#20 Chilcotin-Bella Coola Highway from the Bella Coola Wharf to #97 Cariboo Highway

Provincial Side Roads, Paved or gravel- 100%
All side roads within the Central Cariboo service area off Hwy 97 and Hwy 20 unless list in other categories.

All side roads within the Central Cariboo service area off Horsefly Rd and Likely Rd unless listed in other categories

Provincial Side Roads, paved or gravel - 70% Legal Axle Loading
All Side Roads within the Central Cariboo Area (SA17) unless listed in other categories
#326 Sky Ranch Road
#508 Stack Valley Road from 2km to end of maintained
#780 Rosette Lake Road-Gravel Portion
#806 Morrison Meadow Road
#814 Winkley Creek Road
#1031 Lehman Road
#1123 Kappan Mountain Road
#1125 Mons Lake Road
#1285 Swanson Road
#1382 Antoine Lake Road

Provincial Side Roads, paved or gravel - 50% Legal Axle Loading
#422- Horsefly-Quesnel Lake Road and all side roads from Antoine Lake Road to End of Maintained

Contact: Tara Munn, District Operations Tech, 250-302-3531

Issued by: Sandi Griffiths, District Manager, Transportation, Cariboo District

All overload permits on restricted routes are invalid for the duration of these restrictions.
The applicable tolerances provided under 7.26 of the Regulations pursuant to the Commercial Transport Act shall apply.
Violators of the regulations and restrictions will be prosecuted.
The public, trucking and transportation companies should govern themselves accordingly.

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The Ministry of Transportation
urges you to check road conditions often.


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