Provincial load restrictions are updated as new information becomes available.

Province of British Columbia



Pursuant to Section 66 of the Transportation Act the following load restrictions will be imposed, on the following Provincial Highways and Roads until further notice:
LOAD RESTRICTIONS within the South Cariboo Service Area (SA16)

Effective 12:01AM Pacific Time on April 13, 2021.

Provincial Numbered Routes - 100% Legal Axle Loading:
All Provincial Numbered Routes in the Service Area, except for the following restriction:
Highway 99 Load Limited to 27,000kg GVW - between its junction with Fountain Valley Road (15KM North of Lillooet) and its junction with Pavilion-Clinton Road (35km North of Lillooet)

Provincial Side Roads - 100% Legal Axle Loading:
#2007 70 Mile Frontage Road
#341 93 Mile Loop Road
#190 Bridge Lake Frontage Route
#318 Canim-Hendrix Rd - paved portion from 100 Mile House Municipal Boundary (3.5KM East of Hwy 97) to #71 Resort Road
#729 Canim Lake South Road - from #318 Canim-Hendrix Road to #426 Newall Road
#2060 Chasm Road
#197 Empter Frontage Road
#307 Hill Road
#1104 Jewell Road
#819 Kokanee Pit Road
#131 Lees Sawmill Road
#760 Lillooet Arterial
#40 Lillooet-Pioneer Road (Road 40) - from the Lillooet Municipal Boundary (1.8KM South of Bridge Rive Bridge) to the Bridge River Band Office (3KM West of Bridge River Bridge)
#308 Lookout Road
#2107 Barnes Lake Road - from Highway 97C junction to 5KM
#2101 Hat Creek Road - from Highway 99 NB – Sea to Sky Highway to 1.5KM
#2147 Mound Road - from Highway 97 to #2148 Mound Loon Lake Road
#2148 Mound Loon Lake Road - from #2147 Mound Road to Mound Bridge (0.5KM East)
#662 Nugget Arterial
#403 Tatton Station Road - from Highway 97 to #336 Exeter-McKinley Road

Provincial Side Roads - 70% Legal Axle Loading:
All Provincial Side Roads within the Service Area unless listed in other categories

Provincial Side Roads - 50% Legal Axle Loading:
#274 Rose Road
#319 Mahood Lake Road starting from the junction with the Bowers Lake FSR (Rat Cr Bridge) and continuing out to the junction with #729 Canim Lake South Road
#312 Taylor Lake Road
#315 Buffalo Creek Road – from the junction with #302 Bates Road through to the end of Buffalo Creek Road
#332 Eagle Creek Road
#407 Dog Creek Road
#410 Wilcox
#653 Emerald Crescent
#654 Forbes Road
#663 Fircrest Road
#2037 East Young Lake Road
#2038 Boule-Young Lake Road
#2101 Hat Creek Road - from the junction with Hwy 1 Trans Canada, heading west on Hat Creek Road for 9km
#2148 Mound Loon Lake Road - from Mound Bridge (0.5KM East) to #274 Rose Road
#2254 Young Lake Subdivision Road

Ministry Contacts: Brandon Klingbell, Road Area Manager, 100 Mile House (250) 395-8956
Corey Peterson, Road Area Manager, Bridge Lake/Clinton (250) 395-2428
Brad Beaupre, Road Area Manager, Lillooet/Ashcroft/Cache Creek (250) 256-0329

Issued by Sandra Griffiths, District Manager, Transportation, Cariboo District
All overload permits on restricted routes are invalid for the duration of these restrictions. The applicable tolerances provided under 7.26(1) of the regulations pursuant to the Commercial Transport Act shall apply. Violators of the regulations and restrictions will be prosecuted. The public, and trucking and transportation companies should govern themselves accordingly



The Ministry of Transportation
urges you to check road conditions often.


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