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Once you have received a permit or approval, you have these responsibilities to fulfil:

Commencement of Activity

  • It is common for the complete date to be three months from the issue of approval. Unless otherwise specified, the activity or construction must begin within one year of the permit issue date, or before the expiration of any authorized extension.
  • If you are unable to begin work within one year after the issue date, you may request a one-year extension from the Ministry, stating the reasons you need an extension, and when you anticipate the commencement date to be.

Notification of work

All permits require you to notify the District Transportation Office before you begin any works. You must give the Ministry of Transportation two working days' notice when you will be carrying out any work within the right-of-way. Upon completion, you should notify the District Transportation Office so that a final inspection may be initiated, if applicable.


As-Built Plans

The developer shall provide reproducible "As Constructed" drawings to the local District Transportation Office upon completion of the work. While small alterations and amendments are expected in the construction process, the as-built plans should not differ significantly from the plans submitted for approval with the permit application. See Amendments to Permits.

The appropriate signing authority, depending on whether the project has been Ministry supervised or Consultant supervised, shall sign and date each drawing when completed using the proper note (see below) or a stick-on label located in a conspicuous area (usually above the "Revisions" block). The two forms to be used are as follows:

For Ministry Supervised Projects:

"AS BUILT"CERTIFIED CORRECT: _________________________________________________ DATE:_____________________________________________ J. DOE, P.ENG. MINISTRY REPRESENTATIVE M.O.T

For Consultant Supervised Projects:

"AS BUILT" CERTIFIED CORRECT: ___________________________________________________
DATE: ___________________________________________________ J. DOE P.ENG. MINISTRY REPRESENTATIVE SPEEDY ASSOCIATES ENG. LTD.


Notice of Completion

Please notify the District Transportation Office when your work is completed so that a final inspection may be initiated, as designated in the permit.

This guide is a living document; it is subject to change without notice. Please check the Rural Subdivisions Website ( to make sure you version is sufficiently current.