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Guide to Rural Subdivision Approvals

Last Modified: Mon Feb 3 09:14:26 PST 2020

1 Subdividing in BC
1.01 Roles and Authorities
1.01.01 Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Role of the Approving Officer Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Involvement
1.01.02 Local Government Regional Districts Improvement Districts Municipalities Islands Trust Local Government Assuming Approving Authority Land Use Contracts
1.01.03 Referral Agencies Health Authorities Crown Land Management Fisheries and Oceans Canada Environment
1.01.04 Special Circumstances Indian Reserves United States Border Pipelines Railway Crossings Covenants Utility Right of Way in Subdivisions Authority for Controlled Access Highways Arterial Highways Authority for Road Closures Agricultural Land Commission
1.02 What Is A Subdivision
1.03 Types of Subdivision
1.04 Subdivision Fees and Costs
1.04.1 Examination Fee and Tax Certificates for Controlled Access Highways
1.04.2 Final Plan Examination Fee
1.04.3 Strata Title Subdivision Application Fees
1.05 Subdivision Costs
1.05.1 Cost of Inspection
1.06 Time Required
2 Rural Subdivision Approval Process
2.1 Preparation
2.2 Application
2.3 Evaluation
2.3.1 Health and Safety Water Supply Water Systems On-Site Sewage Disposal Ground Water Table Elevation and Percolation Tests Community Sewer Systems Natural Hazard Identification Geotechnical Study Flooding Threat of Wildfire Contaminated Sites
2.3.2 Land Use Local Government Bylaws Improvement District Bylaws Suitability For Intended Use Lot Identification Parcel Size Parcel Split by a Road Frontage of Lots Panhandles Remainders Sketch of Further Subdivision Aesthetics Parks Environmental Considerations Creek Consideratons Wildlife Considerations Archaeological Interests Aboriginal Interests Farmland Impact Transit Friendly Subdivision Guidelines Servicing Needs Postal Service Arrangements Range Land Impact
2.3.3 Access and Roads Property with Inadequate Access Road Design and Construction Dedication of Road over Crown Land Traffic Offsite Road Improvements Alternatives to Public Roads Access to a Body of Water Criteria for Access to a Body of Water Highway Encroachments Access to Lands Beyond Access to Subdivisions off Section 42 Transportation Act Roads Public Roads and Highways Right of Way Widths Frontage Roads Intersections Turnarounds Subdivisions Adjacent to Controlled Access Highways Lanes Walkways Storm Drainage (Runoff) Drainage Easements Plans Cancellation
2.4 Preliminary Review and Development
2.4.1 Preliminary Layout Review
2.4.2 Reconsideration of Application
2.4.3 Implementation of Preliminary Layout Review
2.4.4 Final Plan Submission
2.5 Final Approval
2.5.1 Report on Final Subdivision
2.5.2 Final Approval or Rejection
2.5.3 Legal Appeal
2.5.4 Registration
2.6 Variations in the Approval Process
2.6.1 Strata Title Subdivisions Approval Process for Bare Land Strata Plans Approval Process for Phased Strata Plans
2.6.2 Approval Process for a Controlled Access Highway
2.6.3 Approval Process When Subdividing For Relatives
2.6.4 Approval Process for Railway Crossings
2.6.5 Approval Process for Pipelines Under Provincial Ministry Jurisdiction
2.6.6 Approval Process for Pipelines Under National Energy Board Jurisdiction
2.6.7 Approval Process for Air Space Parcels
2.6.8 Approval Process in the Islands Trust Area
2.6.9 Approval Process for ALR Land
3 Apply