Abutting: Having a common boundary with, or touching along a border.

Accretion: The growth in size of a land area, usually by the gradual and imperceptible accumulation of land by natural causes, such as out of the sea or a river. Under common law, the property owner owns the accreted land, but has to gain title to it.

Adjacent: Near or close. Two adjacent objects may or may not be in contact with each other, but the term adjacent implies the absence of anything of the same kind between them.

Air space title: A title to property in the air in three dimensions.

All-weather road: A road that is passable all year.

Approving Officer: An official appointed under the Land Title Act and authorized by the Land Title Act, Strata Properties Act, Real Estate Development and Marketing Act, and Local Government Act of British Columbia to approve or disapprove subdivisions.