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Referral Agencies: Organizations other than the Ministry of Transportation who have authority or input over various aspects of the subdivision process. For instance, the Ministry of Health has authority over water safety and sewage disposal, so they are the referral agency for these aspects of subdivision. The application cannot proceed without their recommendations.

Referrals: In the case of rural subdivisions, referrals are official letters to referral agencies (above) informing the agency of the subdivision application and, where applicable, asking for

Reference plan: A plan based on a ground survey done by a B.C. Land Surveyor, generally referring to a single parcel. The Registrar at the Land Title Office generally prefers a reference plan, but may accept an explanatory plan if any of the following are true:

  • There are no known survey discrepancies
  • The new boundaries do not contain excessive curves or jogs or are affected by a natural boundary
  • The Registrar is not of the opinion that a survey is required to establish the location of the boundaries on the ground
  • The parent plan is not based on a description or explanatory plan
  • It is best to confirm the requirements with the Land Title Office before commencing the survey

Road cross section: Road prism plus any slope areas necessary to contain the road prism.