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Panhandle: A long, narrow portion of a lot whose principal function is to provide access to the lot. It generally touches a road.

Plan examination fee: Fee charged for processing of final subdivision plans and reapprovals.

Postponement agreement: An agreement allowing an easement to be registered with priority over the financial charge. Also known as priority agreement.

Preliminary Layout Approval (PLA): A preliminary ruling issued by an Approving Officer stating either that the layout is acceptable as submitted or that it is acceptable in principle but needs modifications in order to get final approval.

Preliminary Layout Non-Approval (PLNA): Preliminary Layout Non-Approval: a document which lays out the reasons for refusing to give development approval at this time.

Primary and secondary highways: Roads that allow high-speed movement of inter- and intra-provincial traffic.

Provincial Approving Officer: An approving officer appointed by Order-In-Council under the Land Title Act to assess and either approve or reject subdivision applications.