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Deponent: One who gives evidence.

District Development Technician: An employee of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the District Development Technician, or "tech" for short, is trained to give advice and assistance to subdividers, and to evaluate subdivision proposals. The District Development Technician writes a report to the Provincial Approving Officer to help make the decision on approval or rejection.

Easement: Access rights to a portion of a property for which the owner gives up his rights of development (such as a power line easement to a utility company).

Explanatory plan: According to Section 1 of the Land Title Act, a plan that (a) is not based on a survey but on existing descriptions, plans, or records of the Land Title Office; and (b) is certified correct in accordance with the records of the Land Title Office by a B.C. Land Surveyor or by a person designated under Section 121(7) of the Forest Act or the minister charged with the administration of the Transportation Act.

Fee simple subdivision: A land estate in which the owner is entitled to the entire property, with unconditional power of disposition except as limited by the original grant or contained in any other grant or disposition from the Crown.

Geotechnical study: The study of a site in order to determine the existence and extent of any natural hazard and to identify building sites free from hazards.