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  Strata Title Subdivisions

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>> Approval Process for Bare Land Strata Plans
>> Approval Process for Phased Strata Plans

Because strata properties are governed by the Strata Property Act, some differences arise when approving subdivisions of strata property, compared to conventional subdivision.  The following sections describe the approval process for bare land strata, building strata and phased strata.


Approval Process for Bare Land Strata Plans

The following guidelines apply.

Parcel Size

The minimum parcel size of the strata lots must meet the minimum parcel size of the zoning bylaw.

Lot density should be calculated based on the total area minus any dedication for the access routes.

Road Dedications

Pursuant to Sections 5 and 8 of B.C. Regulation 75/78, bare land strata subdivisions must provide public road dedications to lands beyond and to a body of water, as well as for continuity of existing roads. 

Internal Roads

The internal roads of the strata plan are private roads. The strata regulations refer to them as access routes, and they should be shown as such on the strata plan.

Community Water, Sewage and Drainage Systems

Community water and sewage systems and storm drainage systems are treated the same as in any conventional subdivision.

Deposits and Guarantees

The Ministry and the Provincial Approving Officer cannot hold a security deposit to guarantee completion of services. If a public third party — such as a Regional District — or the agencies that have jurisdiction wish to hold the security, the Approving Officer may approve the plan provided the agency or public third party certifies that it has sufficient security.


For further information on easements and statutory rights-of-way, see sections 182 and 218 of the Land Title Act, as well as, Section 14 and 15 of the Bare Land Strata Regulation.


Phased Strata Plan Declaration

Pursuant to Section 222 of the Strata Property Act, the applicant must outline on a Phased Strata Plan Declaration in Form P the proposal to phase the subdivision's development. The Phased Strata Plan Declaration should be checked to ensure that it reasonably reflects what is shown on the development plans.