The applicant submits the following to the District Transportation Office. Be as thorough as possible, since Ministry staff cannot process return applications with required items missing.

Required items include:

  • Subdivision Application form or apply online
  • The Preliminary Subdivision Application fee. When applying online payment may be made online upon notification, or follow the application by payment in person or by mail
  • Permission to Act as an Agent statement from the owner if someone else, such as an agent, is applying on the owner’s behalf
  • A copy of BC Assessment Authority Property Assessment Notice showing property tax classification
  • All new lots MAY require a sewage report—please contact your local Transportation office for clarification
  • One copy of the current State of Title Certificate so that property encumbrances can be checked
  • Copies of any covenants, easements, rights-of-way or other charges registered against the title. These are available through the Land Title & Survey Authority
  • A copy of Contaminated Sites Profile form or Contaminated Sites declaration statement, duly completed and signed
  • Original copy and a .PDF file of a scaleable sketch plan of proposed layout with metric dimensions
Properly engineered drawings will be required for final approval. The sketch should contain:
  • The date it was drawn
  • The scale
  • North arrow
  • Legal description of the property being subdivided, and its adjacent properties
  • Outline of the subdivision in red or heavy black line
  • All proposed lots, remainders, parks, rights of way, easements and roads showing dimensions and areas
  • Any existing property lines or roads proposed to be removed, closed or relocated
  • All steep banks or slopes exceeding 2 m high and all slopes of 25% or greater, within or adjacent to the proposal area
  • Location of existing buildings and structures, wells and sewage disposal fields on the property, as well as adjacent properties
  • Location of any onsite water sources to be developed
  • Approximate location of all existing and proposed utility services
  • Existing access roads and other roads and trails on the property (state names of roads)
  • Location of all water courses (seasonal or otherwise) and water bodies

Include these items as well, where applicable

  • A copy of the Agricultural Land Commission application or approval (if located within ALR).
    While a developer can apply for subdivision approval before he or she receives permission to proceed from the Agricultural Land Commission or the local government if it has been delegated the authority, the Provincial Approving Officer can only grant approval if the proposal has been approved by the ALC
  • One copy of any the results of any test required by the Regional Health Authority
  • A municipal development permit and plan where applicable

Collection of Information

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act was proclaimed on October 4, 1993. All personal and business information collected by the ministry is subject to the provisions of the Act.

The personal information on the application form is collected under the authority of the Land Title Act. The information collected will be used to process your preliminary subdivision application, and it may be necessary for the ministry to provide this information to other agencies (see Evaluation). If you have any questions about the collection, use and disclosure of this information, contact the District Development Technician at the nearest Ministry of Transportation office.
The information in an application may be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.
Further information can be found at

This guide is a living document; it is subject to change without notice. Please check the Rural Subdivisions Website ( to make sure you version is sufficiently current.