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Approval Process

The Ministry’s application process has five stages, each with a number of separate steps.

The process described here is for conventional fee simple subdivision, and covers the majority of subdivision applications brought to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.  For strata properties and other variations from the conventional subdivision process, go to Variations in the Approval Process.

The steps in the application process fall into five stages:

1. Preparation:

The applicant decides on a proposal to subdivide land

2. Application:

The applicant prepares and submits an application for Preliminary Layout Review.

3. Evaluation:

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure receives the application and evaluates it according to the criteria. 

4. Preliminary Review and Development:

The Provincial Approving Officer gives the application a preliminary review (PLR) with conditions or gives a review status (PLRS) with reasons.  Should the applicant wish to continue, they are required to complete all works identified in the PLR. Note: Prelimininary Layout Review does not guarantee the subdivision will be approved at the final approval stage.

5. Final Approval:

The Applicant submits final plans and the Approving Officer makes a final approval decision.  If they are approved, the applicant registers the plans in the Land Title Office.

Variations in the Approval Process

Most of the information posted here pertains to conventional subdivision.  However, there are other types of subdivisions, such as strata subdivisions or subdividing for relatives. There are also special situations which add to the process in other subdivisions. If you are subdividing in any of the exceptional circumstances listed in this category, please contact your District Development Technician for advice pertaining to your application.