Vehicle Inspections and Standards


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In the coming months, the Vehicle Safety BC portal, at will be the new way for Facility Owners and Authorized Inspectors to log into the online vehicle inspection program. Members of public will also have access to the portal to get general information such as facility locations on a new interactive map.

The Vehicle Safety BC portal will eliminate the need to have a Personal BCeID to verify inspections and be a simplified, one-stop shop for accessing multiple agencies such as Vehicle Inspections, National Safety Code and Passenger Transportation Branch.

In October, Facility Owners and Authorized Inspectors should look for an email providing information on how to enroll in the portal.

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The Vehicle Inspection & Standards program encompasses all types of highway vehicles – both private and commercial – and is dedicated to improving vehicle and road safety in British Columbia. Through the application of the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act, Motor Vehicle Act Regulations, Vehicle Inspection Manual and Canadian vehicle manufacturing standards, Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE)  strives to have only the safest and most roadworthy highway vehicles operating on British Columbia's highways.


Private and Commercial Vehicle Inspections are performed by trade qualified mechanics that are authorized through CVSE as Authorized Inspectors (AI’s). Inspections are completed at a Designated Inspection Facilities (DIF) or Preventative Maintenance Facilities (PMP) throughout the province. Preventative Maintenance Facilities may only conduct inspections on their own vehicle fleet. CVSE Area Vehicle Inspectors conduct periodic audits on both DIFs and PMPs to monitor compliance of all applicable vehicle inspection program standards, expectations and regulations.

Primary statutory provisions under this program include Divisions, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 25 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations, and the standards of Safety and Repair Regulation (Vehicle Inspection Manual).


The Vehicle Standards Program mandate is to accurately interpret and apply BC Motor Vehicle regulatory standards, Canadian Manufacturing Standards, and National and International Vehicle Safety Standards.  It is the Program’s intent to maintain road safety and ensure compliant and safe vehicles are operating on BC roadways through proper application of applicable standards and regulations. 

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