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Sample Updated Carrier Profile Report

The Detailed Carrier Profile Report will be updated effective May 25th, 2015.


If you already have a BCEID userid or IDIR account and have previously subscribed to the Carrier Profile Online, click on to access the web site.

What is a Carrier Profile?

Carrier Profile is a measurement of a carrier’s on road performance, and is comprised of a carrier’s demographic information, accident record, contraventions, and vehicle inspections. Data contained on the profile is retrieved from numerous data bases throughout the Ministry and ICBC. Data is also captured through an electronic data exchange from other Canadian jurisdictions. The overall result of NSC carrier audits is also included on the carrier profile. Easy access to the carrier profile will provide carrier’s with an excellent management tool at their finger tips.

Carriers can now register for a BCeID userid and then use it to access their Carrier Profile online and request a summary and/or detail report.

What do you need to access Carrier Profile?

  • Carriers need a BCeID userid to access Carrier Profile Online.

What is BCeID?

BCeID is an online service that makes it possible for you to use your BCeID Login ID and password to sign in securely to any BCeID participating Government web site.  

With a BCeID userid you can:

  • Sign in to government participating sites using your BCeID and a single password so you do not have to remember a different Login ID and password at every Web site.
  • With BCeID userid, you do not need to enroll for a Login ID and password at each new site you visit—simply use the Login ID and password that you enrolled as your BCeID to sign in to any participating government site or service.

How Do Apply for a BCeID

  • Go to for assistance in applying for a BCeID.
  • You must register as a Business BCeID account – Carrier Profile Online does not accept a Basic BCeID userid. Select Business BCeID account under the "Start Here" column on the "Registered to get a BCeID Account" page.
  • For Incorporated Companies (or Societies, Municipalities, etc.), make sure your Legal Name is entered exactly as shown on the NSC Certificate.
  • For Owner/Operators (sole proprietorship or partnerships) once you have reached the point on the BCeID web site to be identity proofed, you will do this over the counter at any government agent office in BC (and some selected Service Canada offices in Vancouver and Kelowna
  • Contact information is available on the application if you have difficulty applying for your BCeID userid
  • Do not contact the NSC Program office for BCeID-related issues.

To access Carrier Profile Online for the first time

  • Once you have your Business BCeID userid, go to to subscribe to Carrier Profile Online. You will need your NSC Number and either your Incorporation Number (if you are incorporated) or your Driver Licence Number (if you are an owner/operator).



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