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Welcome to Weigh2GoBC!

"Get a green light and go, save time, fuel and the environment"

Weigh2GoBC is a network of Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) and Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) technologies designed to enable more efficient movement of commercial vehicles through the province. Once a commercial vehicle has been initially checked at a Weigh2GoBC enabled station, it can be given a bypass at all subsequent inspection stations for up to the next 12 hours.

For a complete list of all Weigh2GoBC enabled sites and locations,
click here.

How does it work?

Transponder IllustrationWhen a vehicle carrying a registered transponder approaches a WIM enabled station, the vehicle is identified and checked electronically for height, weight and insurance and safety credentials to determine compliance to certain regulations. Once the checks are complete, the vehicle transponder is signalled with either a red light or a green light to notify the driver as to whether or not the vehicle must report to the inspection station. This all happens while the vehicle is travelling at highway speeds. If the driver receives a red light, they must report; if they receive a green light, they can bypass.

When a vehicle carrying a registered transponder approaches an AVI enabled station, the system will first check to see if this vehicle has already been checked at another Weigh2GoBC enabled station within the last 12 hours. If it already passed a check at another enabled site, the driver may be signalled a green light to bypass this station. If it has not yet been to another site, the driver will be signalled a red light to report.

All opportunities to bypass a particular station are subject to a Random Report Percentage (RRP). This means that regardless of the results of electronic checks and the previous stations that this vehicle has reported to, it may be signalled a red light to report. All carriers and vehicles will be assigned an RRP rate that will determine the frequency that they will have to report. This rate is based on vehicle’s NSC rating, Intervention Level and past on-road performance.

To see the criteria for RRP rates, click here.

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