Provincial load restrictions are updated as new information becomes available.



Effective 12:01 AM PDT on SUNDAY, APRIL 2ND, 2017

All Provincial Numbered Routes are 100% Legal Axle Loading 24 hrs/day

The following Side Roads are 100% Legal Axle Loading 24 hrs/day:
Aitken Rd (to Houston Landfill)
Babine Rd #200 (Hwy 16 to transfer station)
Bedore Rd (from Rose Lk Cutoff Rd to CN tracks only)
Eakin Settlement Rd (paved portion only)
Equity Mine Rd
Gilgan Rd
Keefe’s Landing Rd
Lewis Rd
McKilligan Rd (Hwy 16 to Aitken Rd only)
Moe Rd (Hwy 16 to old Mill access only (800m))
Murphy Rd
Ootsa Nadina Rd (Keefe’s Landing Rd to Gallagher Cr (37km))
Rose Lk Cutoff Rd (Hwy 16 to Bedore Rd only)
Tibbets Cr Rd
Uncha Lk Rd (paved portion only)
West Decker Rd (paved portion only)

The following Side Roads are 70% Legal Axle Loading 24 hrs/day:
ALL OTHER SIDE ROADS not listed above.

Ministry Contact: Michael Hurwitz or Marlene Keehn, Operations Technician 250-847-7403
Issued by: Carl Lutz, District Manager, Transportation, Bulkley – Stikine District

All overload permits on restricted routes are invalid for the duration of these restrictions. The applicable tolerances provided under 7.26 of the regulations pursuant to the Commercial Transport Act shall apply. Violators of the regulations and restrictions will be prosecuted. The public, and trucking and transportation companies should govern themselves accordingly.



The Ministry of Transportation
urges you to check road conditions often.


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