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SERVICE AREA 22 – North Peace

PUBLIC NOTICE # 6 (Full Restrictions)

Pursuant to Section 66 of the Transportation Act the following load restrictions will be imposed, on the following Provincial Highways and Roads until further notice:

LOAD RESTRICTIONS within the Peace District, Service Area 22, North Peace

Effective 10:00 pm PST on Friday, May 26th, 2017

Please Note: All side roads within the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (NRRM – Fort Nelson) are not included in the following load restriction notice. For further information regarding load restrictions within the NRRM, please contact the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality office at (250) 774-2541.

All Provincial Numbered Routes, paved or gravel - 100% Legal Axle Loading

All Provincial Side Roads, paved or gravel - 70% Legal Axle Loading except as listed below

50% Legal Axle Loading
Mile 30 Road 169 from Kvile Rd 169C West to the Beatton River Rd 151
Triad Road 169A from Reimer Rd 171 East to the end of the right of way
Old Fort Rd 148 from Howe Pit to the Old Fort Loop 616B

75% Legal Axle Loading
Beatton River Airport Road 151, from Hwy 97N to end at km 74
Beryl Prairie Road 715R from intersection with Canyon Drive to Beryl Prairie Road 118
Beryl Prairie Road 118 from intersection with Beryl Prairie Road 715R to the end
Cypress Creek Road 187
Farrell Creek Road 115, from intersection with Hwy 29N to Harasymyk Road
Graham River Road 123
Road 265A (100th Street) from 85th Avenue south to Mason Road 240
Rose Prairie Road 101 from Road 260 north to Prespatou Road 193
Siphon Creek Road 184
Schwalm Road 106 from intersection with Cassidy Road 238U to the end
Tank Farm Road 249 from Baldonnel Road to intersection with Cassidy Road 238U
Upper Halfway Road 117, from km 54.1 to the end

100% Legal Axle Loading
103A Airport Road from Underpass Road 255 to Swanson Lumber Road 259
85th Avenue (Holloway Road # 240A) from Old Fort Road to 100th Street
240 Crossover Rd from 269 to Old Fort Rd
Baldonnel 107 Rd from Underpass 255 Rd to Tank Farm 249 Rd
Beatton/ Montney Road 271, from Highway 97 north to Montney Highway 254
Buick Creek Road 154
Cecil Lake Road 103 from intersection with Rose Prairie Road 101 to Alberta border
Canyon Drive 520R, from intersection with Highway 29N to W.A.C. Bennett Dam
Clayhurst Road 111 from Cecil Lake Road 103 south for 19.7 km to intersection with Ferry Road 110.
Doig Road 188
East Bypass Road 146, from Alaska Highway 97 to Fort St John city limits and from Road 103A to Fort St John city limits
Ferry Road 110 from the intersection with Clayhurst Road 111 south 10.5 km to the Moose Mouth Bridge.
Fort Nelson Airport Connector Road 504A
Grandhaven Road 242, from Alaska Highway 97 to Riverview Road 269
Milligan Creek Road 137, from North Pine Road 259 to Peejay
Montney Highway Rd 254 from Alaska Hwy 97N east to 281 Rd
Montney Highway Rd 281 from 254 Rd north to 256 Rd
Montney Highway Rd 256 from 281 Rd east to Rose Prairie Rd 101
Montney South Road 121 from Rose Prairie Road 101 west and north to Beatton/ Montney Road 271
North Pine Road 259, from Road 260 to Milligan Creek Road 137
Old Fort Road 148 from Alaska Highway 97 south to Howe Pit
Prespatou Road 193, from Montney Highway 256 north to Triad Road 169A/ Mile 30 Road 169
Riverview Road 269, from Alaska Highway 97 south to end of public road
Rose Prairie Road 101 from Fort St John city limits to intersection with Road 260
Sikanni Chief Road 517
Swanson Lumber Road 259, from Alaska Highway 97 to intersection with Road 103A
Toews Road 246
Underpass Road 255, from Alaska Highway 97 to Road 103A
Upper Halfway Road 117, from Alaska Highway 97 to km 54.1
Wilson Road 260A, from Rose Prairie Road 101 to Road 259
West Bypass Road 145, from Alaska Highway 97 to Rose Prairie Road 101

Ministry Contact: Amelia Adams, District Operations Technician: 250-719-8372 or

Issued by: Angie Allwood, A/District Manager, Transportation, Peace District

All overload permits on restricted routes are invalid for the duration of these restrictions. The applicable tolerances provided under 7.26(1) of the regulations pursuant to the Commercial Transport Act shall apply. Violators of the regulations and restrictions will be prosecuted. The public, and trucking and transportation companies should govern themselves accordingly.

Online at:

On behalf of Northleaf SYD LP:
Effective 10:00 am PST on Wednesday, March 29, 2017. Northleaf SYD LP will be imposing load restrictions on the SYD Road from km 8.4 to km 188. Loads will be restricted to 75% legal axle load until further notice.

Road users are warned that load restrictions are subject to change without further warning and are advised to stay up to date by visiting the Partnership’s website at
For further information contact Gerry Anderson on:
Vancouver Office – 604 699 2928
Fort Nelson Office – 250 774 7174
Cell – 604 329 5500



The Ministry of Transportation
urges you to check road conditions often.


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