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Province of British Columbia




Pursuant to Section 66 of the Transportation Act the following load restrictions will be imposed, on the following Provincial Highways and Roads until further notice:

LOAD RESTRICTIONS within the North Cariboo Service Area (SA18),


Effective 12:01 am Pacific Time on 2018 MAY 25


All Provincial Numbered Routes – 100%
Cariboo Highway # 97
Barkerville Highway # 26

Provincial Side Roads – 100% Legal Axle Loading
Gibralter Mine Road # 655
Beaver Lake Road # 19 from Highway 97 to Philemon Lake Road
Blackwater Road # 58 from Mills Road to Rawlings Road and all intersecting side roads
Western Plywood Road # 263
Dunkley Road # 751
Naver Creek Road # 195
Comeau Road # 636
Nazko Road # 59 from Blackwater Road to 500 meters northwest of Baezaeko Road (Emcon Maintenance Yard)
West Fraser Road # 32, from the Narcosli Creek Bridge to the City Boundary
West Fraser Road # 32, from Buckskin Road to Grouse Road
Grouse Road # 321
Moffat Lake Road # 114 from Cariboo Hwy 97 to 300 meters east of the highway
Side roads off of Cariboo Highway # 97 from Edwards Road to the Quesnel River Bridge
Quesnel-Hydraulic Road # 60 and all intersecting side roads
Red Bluff Road # 203 and all intersecting side roads
Maple Drive #223 and all intersecting side roads
Side roads off of Cariboo Highway # 97 from the intersection of Barkerville Highway # 26 to the Cottonwood River Bridge
Side roads off of Nazko Highway from the intersection of Blackwater Road to Milburn Lake Road
Side roads off of Barkeville Highway # 26 from the intersection of Hwy 97, east to the McLarry Bridge (Cottonwood River)
Williams Lake Cut-Off Road # 11, from the intersection of Hwy #97 to Xats’Ull Road (1.7 km from Hwy 97)
Williams Lake Cut-Off Road #11, from the District Boundary to Buckskin Road.
Buckskin Road # 762 & 762A
Hilborn Road #48 and intersecting side roads
Riverpark Road #209 and intersecting side roads
Quesnel-Hixon Road # 23 and intersecting side roads from the City Boundary (Trask Road) to Mighton Road
Ranch Road # 1015
Bowron Lake Road # 29 from the Barkerville Highway to the 3100 Road (500 meters)
Baezaeko Road #87 from Nazko Road to 6.2km (3900 FSR)
Lavington Road # 200
Tibbles Road # 98 from Nazko Highway to Lavington Road

Provincial Side Road – 70% Legal Axle Loading
All Roads within the North Cariboo Service Area (SA18) not listed in other categories.
Drummond Road #168

Ministry Contact: Debra Bradley, Quesnel (250) 983-7209
Issued by: Todd Hubner, District Manager, Transportation, Cariboo District
All overload permits on restricted routes are invalid for the duration of these restrictions. The applicable tolerances provided under 7.26(1) of the regulations pursuant to the Commercial Transport Act shall apply. Violators of the regulations and restrictions will be prosecuted. The public, and trucking and transportation companies should govern themselves accordingly
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The Ministry of Transportation
urges you to check road conditions often.


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