Environmental Management Section

4B – 940 Blanshard Street
PO Box 9850 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9T5
General Phone: (250) 356-2255
Fax (250) 387-7735

Greg Czernick
Chief Environmental Officer

  • Provide leadership for the delivery of environmental and social issues
    related to highway developments in BC;
  • Manage the development of policies, standards and procedures related to
    Federal and Provincial agency legislation and regulations;
  • Provide expert technical advice;
  • Manage the technical audit of environmental programs works under post
    construction monitoring;
  • Represent the Ministry on TAC’s Environmental Council;
  • Represent the Ministry on various Deputy Minister and Assistant Deputy
    Minister committees dealing with environmental issues.

Crystal Wheeler
Environmental Roadside Manager

  • Ministry representative on the Interministry Invasive Species Working Group.
  • Develop and implement policy, standards and procedures relative to
    roadside development activities.
  • Trains ministry and maintenance contracting staff on managing invasive plants on roadsides.
  • Provides expert advice to Regions and Districts regarding invasive species management.
  • Provide service and guidance to Regions, Districts and Headquarters
    Branches on matters including:
    • erosion control
    • vegetation management
    • highway design aesthetics and landscaping

L. Sielecki, R.P.Bio, MCIP
Wildlife and Environmental Issues Specialist

  • Responsible for providing service and support to the Regions, Districts
    and Headquarters on environmental matters.
  • Administers the Wildlife Accident Reporting System (WARS).
  • Coordinates and maintains the Wildlife Fencing Program.

Sean Wong
Senior Biologist

  • Manages the Environmental Enhancement and Culvert Retrofit Programs.
  • Provides expert advice on aquatic and terrestrial habitat restoration.

Marni Fedoruk
Environmental Project Coordinator

  • Lead RISP adjudicator for environmental categories.
  • Archaeology liaison.
  • Provides environmental project coordination services.
  • Provides procurement and envaluation services for major projects.
  • Ministry contact for implementation of the noise policy.