Making Submissions OnlineMaking a Submission on an Application

Licensing applications to the Passenger Transportation Board are published in the Weekly Bulletin on the Board’s website. Most applications are published before the Board makes any decision on the application. This gives others an opportunity to submit their information and views to the Board.

Submission Contents

Although submissions may express support for an application, the submissions received by the Board usually object to an application. 

When a person is submitting reasons why the Board should not approve an application, or part of an application, the desired outcome and rationale for that outcome should be stated clearly. The Board expects submitters to state their case and provide factual details or documentation to confirm the claims or general statements that are being made.  

The Board may give little weight to irrelevant information and general statements not supported by facts.  For example, a statement that an application should be denied because “there is no public need” is a general statement and does not provide the Board with factual information about the passenger transportation services in an area.

As well, submissions should relate directly to one or more of the three factors that the Board considers when deciding whether to approve an application.  That is, submissions should be clearly linked to one or more of the three application considerations set out in section 28 of the Passenger Transportation Act:

(a) whether there is a public need for the service the applicant proposes to provide under any special authorization;

(b) whether the applicant is a fit and proper person to provide that service and is capable of providing that service; and

(c) whether the application, if granted, would promote sound economic conditions in the passenger transportation business in British Columbia.

Who sees the Submissions?

Written submissions are first shared with the applicant who is given a time to send a written response to the Board. Written submissions and any written response by the applicant are sent to the Board panel that decides the application. If an application proceeds to an application hearing, written submissions may be entered as public exhibits.

If a submitter wants the Board to consider any of its evidence in confidence, the submitter must make a confidentiality request to the Board and notify the applicant in accordance with Board Rule 18. After the applicant has an opportunity to comment, the Board decides whether to accept evidence in confidence.


Any person, company or institution can make a submission on an application that comes before the Passenger Transportation Board for a decision. For a submission to be accepted, each written submissions must be:

  • sent in writing to the Board (by email, letter, or fax),
  • accompanied by a $50 fee (payable by credit card or by cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance), and received at the Passenger Transportation Board office by the date specified in the Weekly Bulletin.

Sending a Submission to the Board

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