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  Vending On or Near the Right-of-Way

Vending or the selling of flowers, fruit, vegetables, sea foods or other commodities or articles is generally not permitted on a highway right-of-way. Section 189 (1) (j) of the Motor Vehicle Act prohibits these activities unless a person has received an authorization under section 62 (2) or (6) of the Transportation Act. Such authorizations will be based on the safety and suitability of the site but it is expected that they will be few in number.

Commercial Activities in Rest Areas

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure supports appropriate commercial activities in rest areas, where the ministry’s cost of implementing, administering and monitoring the Licence of Occupation, can be recovered through payments received from the vendor.
Ministry staff in District Offices determine which sites are suitable for seasonal vending concessions. 
All commercial development opportunities at Rest Areas will be made available through a competitive Request for Proposal process, and advertised on BC Bid and in the local newspaper.  Individuals will be required to submit a proposal describing their experience and ability to manage and operate the business, the appeal of their product or service to the public, and provide illustrations of their mobile unit or semi-permanent structure, in the form of sketches, design drawings or photographs.
The district will consult with neighbouring businesses, communities and municipalities, to ensure there are no objections to the proposed activity.
In order to receive a Licence of Occupation of Provincial Public Highway (H1005), successful proponents will be required to:

  • Provide WorkSafeBC insurance coverage for employees
  • Have Comprehensive (Commercial) General Liability Insurance, as determined by the District
  • Pay a Security Deposit, as determined by the District
  • Provide proof of registration with Federal and Provincial tax authorities, as applicable
  • Obtain a valid Operating Permit issued by the Health Protection Office of the Regional Health Authority; and food handling certifications as required by provincial health authorities (for vending of food items)
  • Obtain any other permits as required by law

Monitoring of the operation and collection of monthly rent will be administered by District staff.
For further information on commercial development opportunities in rest areas, contact the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure at the District Office closest to you.