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Under Section 80 of the Land Title Act, the Ministry of Transportation regulates subdivisions adjacent to controlled access highways. The Ministry's objective is to minimize the impact of development on safety and traffic flow on these highways. This requirement applies whether the proposed lots abut the controlled access highway, or only the remainder is adjacent to the highway. Where possible, the Ministry of Transportation requires all access to the proposed subdivision to be via a frontage road, service road or local street.

Where the local government is the subdivision approving authority, the designated highways official is limited to considering the impact of the development on the controlled access highway. Regulation of these subdivisions by a designated highways official ensures that alternative road access is provided to the subdivision as required by the Application for Subdivision Approval Regulation BC Reg. 8/89. This process ensures that the controlled access highway is not compromised by ‘land locking’ new parcels to the highway corridor.

Where a development substantially increases traffic volumes, the controlled access highway and adjacent roads require improvements to accommodate the increase. Requirements that may be considered necessary for final approval of the subdivision could include items such as:

  • Dedication of road widening for existing and future road improvements
  • Construction of all collector and local roads necessary to serve the development
  • Provision of off-site highway improvements including additional lanes, drainage improvements, signalization, street lights and turn slots.
  • Provision of alternative access locations

For further information, please contact the local district office of the Ministry of Transportation or see the Ministry’s Rural Subdivision Approvals website.