Other Approvals

>> Adopt A Highway
>> Oversize and Overweight Vehicles
>> Railway Crossings
>> Signs
>> Road Closure in Rural Areas
>> Closing Municipal Roads or Arterial Highways
>> Underpass
>> Road Name Change
>> Vending On or Near the Right-of-Way
>> Passenger Transportation Approvals

Some approvals do not involve a permit, particularly where the Ministry is giving assent to a proposed decision by local government, a utility company, an organization or another authority. In these cases, the District Development Technician prepares a letter of approval for signing by the appropriate Ministry official.

This guide is a living document; it is subject to change without notice. Please check the Rural Subdivisions Website (http://www.th.gov.bc.ca/permits/Subdibision_Home.asp) to make sure you version is sufficiently current.