Unauthorized Use or Occupation

Nuisance lights, bright lights, or distracting lights are regulated and enforced under the Transportation Act.

Nuisance lights are considered any light that would distract a motorist from the act of driving their vehicle.

Examples of nuisance lights are:

  • a flashing strobe light in a store window that may shine into the eyes of oncoming drivers
  • a light mounted on an overhead crane as part of a film production shoot, and shining toward the road

The Ministry official may request the owner of the light to do the following:

  • turn the light off
  • place dark covers around the light to direct the light away from motorists
  • reposition the light away from the highway
  • remove it entirely

If the light is imposing a hazard to motorists or impairing a person's vision, the Ministry official has authority to ensure removal of the light as per Section 16 of the Transportation Act.

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