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  Issue of Permit

If a permit application meets the evaluation criteria set out by the development approvals technician, the applicant will be issued a permit, with criteria for completion.


Permit Package

Upon approval, you will be issued a permit, which may have attachments such as marked drawings and confirmation drawings. It will include general provisions (listed below), and additional clauses specific to the permit as determined by the development approvals officer.

General Provisions

The permit will contain conditions spelled out in legal detail on your document. Below is list of the general provisions for each type:

Permit to Construct Works Upon Highways

Access Permit

Special Events Permit

Permit to Reduce Building Setback

Highway Encroachment Permit

Additional Clauses

Additional Clauses apply specifically to the individual permit, and will be determined by the development approvals technician in light of the circumstances surrounding your application.


Amendments to Permits

During the course of construction, it is common to have to amend the proposal to accommodate circumstances unforeseen in the planning stage. So long as the plans have not been amended in substantial ways, it is appropriate to make the necessary amendments, and indicate these changes on "As Built" plans, which you then submit to the District Transportation Office.

A substantial change is:

  • One that goes against Ministry policy
  • A change in the road alignment
  • A change in the way you install your works, for instance, from tunneling to open cut.

Check with the District Transportation Office regarding your proposed changes. For more information, see As Built Plans


Cancellation of Permits

A permit may be cancelled if the development or activity it covers has not taken place, or when the property it covers transfers ownership. Permits are not transferable between property owners, as the permit is issued to the owner, not to the property itself.

A permit may also be considered void if the works vary in a substantial way from those described and approved of in the application. You should submit a revised application if you anticipate substantial changes in the design or implementation of your proposal.

If a permit is cancelled, you will receive a formal letter from the local Ministry of Transportation office advising you of this and the reasons why. If a permit expires or becomes void due to a change in land use or ownership, you may apply for a new permit. It will contain a clause stating "This permit cancels permit #_________" .


Appeals of Denied Permit Applications

An applicant who wishes to appeal a decision or conditions of approval should feel free to contact the District Manager, Transportation.

If the situation remains unresolved, the applicant may appeal in writing to the Regional Director, Transportation.