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  Highway Access

Who Needs an Access Permit?

A highway's safety and efficiency depends to a large extent upon the amount and type of roadside conflict with through traffic. Most conflict comes from traffic movements to and from connecting streets, businesses, residences and other development along the highway.

Accordingly, Section 62 and Section 49 of the Transportation Act allow for the control of access points to provide efficient and safe operation on the highway. They also ensure the optimum use of highway investments. As a result, everyone except those building residential driveways on side roads must apply for a permit. For guidelines to building residential driveways on unincorporated side roads, go to the Residential Driveway Information Guide.

Although owners of land have certain rights of access under the Land Title Act, highway users have certain rights of safe and efficient travel. Ministry staff consider these competing interests when evaluating access permits, in accordance with provincial legislation and case law.

Go to Apply: Highway Access Permits for information specific to the following permits: