Backage road: a public street or road parallel to a highway and along the rear of properties fronting on to the highway, constructed for the purpose of maintaining local road continuity and the controlling of direct access to the main highway.

Bandwidth: the time in seconds or the percent of traffic signal cycle between a pair of parallel speed lines which delineate a progressive movement on a time-space diagram. It is a quantitative measurement of the through traffic capacity of a signal progression system. The greater the percentage of bandwidth, the higher the roadway capacity.

Channelization: the placement of lanes on the highway so that traffic is streamed into separate channels.

Collector road or street: a highway facility that provides for traffic movement between arterials and local streets, with some direct access to adjacent property.

Control of access: the condition in which the right of owners or occupants of land abutting or adjacent to a roadway is controlled by public authority.

Controlled access highway: portions of highway intended for through traffic and designated as controlled access; every highway, street or roadway where the Ministry of Transportation determines access from adjacent lands.