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Development technicians will review and consider several aspects of a proposal which may include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Ministry's primary responsibility to ensure that activities or installations within the highway right-of-way do not compromise public safety
  • That the proposal does not damage or put at risk existing highway facilities
  • Protection of other non-highway facilities
  • Any undue restriction of future highway development

In the case of development near a highway:

  • Ministry staff may consider the design, location and number of access points for land use to determine the impact on through traffic movements on the highway. To ensure safe access, they consider:
    • Vertical and horizontal alignment
    • sight distances
    • The number of and separation of conflict points
    • The geometrics of access connections
  • Development technicians consider the impact of land use on the capacity of existing infrastructure, with respect to base traffic and the traffic the proposed development will generate
  • Ministry staff protects the functionality of the highway by assessing the following on-site aspects:
    • Building placement
    • Internal storage for vehicles
    • Internal traffic flow
    • Parking layout and capacity

To evaluate larger developments more completely, you may be asked to supply a comprehensive study prepared by a professional engineer experienced in traffic analysis. For more information, go to Transportation Design Report .