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Roles in Controlled Access Highways
  Controlled Areas

The Controlled Area is the area within a radius of 800 metres from the intersection of a controlled access highway with any other highway. This power ensures that local government rezonings within Controlled Areas do not affect the integrity of provincial highways in developed areas.

According to Section 52 of the Transportation Act, Ministry approval is required for :

Within a controlled area, under Section 52 of the Transportation Act, and 505, 546 and 610 of the Local Government Act, a local government must first receive the approval of the Ministry before approving the following:

  • Zoning bylaw
  • Commercial or industrial buildings over 4500 square metres
  • Amendments of land use contracts
  • Heritage Conservation Agreements

The purpose is to ensure that the development authorized by the approval or permit does not adversely affect the present or future integrity of the controlled access highway.

In order to provide an integrated management approach to developments near a controlled access highway, the province may develop land use and access management protocol agreements with local government relative to the managing of major provincial transportation corridors. These protocol agreements are brought into force by regulation and may provide an exemption from the approval requirements of Sections 505(2) and 546(4) of the Local Government Act

For information on how to apply, refer to Section 3.2.1 Permits in Controlled Areas.