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Checklist for Works Within the Right of Way

Prepare an application form with the following details:

  • Highway name(s), between specific locations on the highway
  • Dates for intallation of the works
  • Provide a letter indicating the scope and nature of the works
  • Include a traffic management plan. See Traffic Control for more details on working in traffic.
  • Provide if appropriate a Certificate of Insurance.

Design plans must accompany the permit application, and shall consist of key-map, general plan, profile and where necessary, detail plan on the following scales:

  • key-map: according to size of undertaking
  • general plan: 1:5000
  • profile: horizontal 1:5000, vertical 1:250
  • details: on suitable scales

For minor undertakings, such as small water pipes or culverts under a road, sketches will be accepted, including sections and details as to dimensions, depth of cover, etc.

The plans shall supply at least the following information:

  • The boundaries of highway right-of-way affected
  • The position of all existing public works within these boundaries. Name the authority responsible for each public works
  • The position of all private works, with names of owners, within these boundaries. Note: Where the proposed development is on or above ground level, you need show only works that are on or above ground level, or that your development may interfere with below ground.
  • The proposed position of your works within the right-of-way boundaries
  • The details of any structures and appurtenances used to support traffic, including:
    • tanks
    • manholes
    • lamp poles
    • surface boxes
    • bridges
    • culverts
    • retaining walls
    Show details of the method you propose to support your work, where any public works are affected
  • Full information showing exactly how and to what extent you propose to use any land or works under the control of the Minister of Transportation
  • a P.Eng's seal and signature (see Engineer's Seal and Signature)
  • a signature block for the Ministry of Transportation
  • plan number and date

Submit three copies of the plan if it is larger than 11" x 17".

Include specifications on how you will carry out the work within the boundaries of the highway right-of-way.


Other Authorities

When application is made in respect to electrical undertakings, waterworks undertakings, sewerage, railways, skid roads and works to be constructed within a municipality the requisite particulars, plans, and specifications must be submitted to the proper authorities before the approval of the applications by the Ministy.

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act was proclaimed on October 4, 1993. All personal and business information collected by the Ministry is subject to the provisions of the Act.