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Arterial Highways

Arterial highways are provincial roads within a municipality.

According to Section 45 of this legislation the Ministry of Transportation may:

  • a) designate the following as arterial highways -
    • any municipal land that the government acquires
    • a municipal highway that has been resumed under Section 35 of the Community Charter, or
    • any municipal land or improvements referred to in Section 35 (2) (a) to (f) and (j) of the Community Charter, and
  • b) remove the designation of "arterial highway" from any highway.

Access Permits

The Ministry is responsible for the issuing of access permits on arterial highways, but will first refer such applications to the municipality. Please refer development plans requiring specific entrances to an arterial highway to the Ministry for access permits before approaching the municipality for a building permit.

Sidewalks, Footpaths and Boulevards

Construction and maintenance is a municipal responsibility. Approval by permit must be obtained from the Ministry of Transportation for new construction. Subject to the terms of the original permit, the Ministry may share the cost of replacing a sidewalk required by a grade change or widening of the roadway.

Public, Municipal and Private Utilities

Approval by permit must be obtained from the Ministry of Transportation for construction, operation, and maintenance of utilities on, over, or under the arterial highway right-of-way. Where the utility is not owned by the municipality, application for a permit should first be approved by the municipality.

Traffic bylaws

In accordance with Section 124 (13) of the Motor Vehicle Act, municipal bylaw does not apply to regulation, control, or prohibition of traffic on an arterial highway the Minister of Transportation approves of the application. Application for approval of the bylaw will be submitted to the Chief Engineer.