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  Application Fees

For the majority of permits and approvals, no fees apply. The exceptions to this rule are:

  • Road Closure - a $1500 processing fee is charged which is applied against the final purchase price.
  • Some fees charged to utility companies for installing their infrastructure within the right-of-way. This includes fees to telecommunications companies of $2/metre/yr per innerduct on highway and $3/metre/yr per innerduct on transportation structures such as bridges.

Other Costs

Other expenses which applicants frequently incur include the following:

  • Design studies
  • Legal fees
  • Geotechnical and/or archaeological studies
  • Engineering reports
  • Public consultation
  • Implementation costs
  • Inspection costs

If the cost of inspection is excessive (because of the remoteness or your project or other extraordinary circumstances), you may be charged for any additional costs.

Other agencies may charge processing or inspection fees.