Other Approvals

The Adopt a Highway program offers both non-profit and for-profit organizations opportunities to contribute to their community and province. This program is aimed at promoting community pride and a means of publicly recognizing the organization’s efforts. Specifically, the opportunity is for organizations to “adopt” a section of provincial highway to help carry out or sponsor such activities as landscape beautification, litter pickup, weeding and invasive plant spotting and reporting. Hand-pulling of non-toxic plants is optional.

It is the goal of the ministry to deliver the Adopt a Highway program by providing and promoting opportunities for groups of citizens, service organizations and private businesses to work in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation and the Road and Bridge Maintenance Contractors.

For more information and for local contacts, go to the Adopt-A-Highway website.

This guide is a living document; it is subject to change without notice. Please check the Rural Subdivisions Website (http://www.th.gov.bc.ca/permits/Subdibision_Home.asp) to make sure you version is sufficiently current.