Applicants should make diligent attempts to determine if other users of the right-of-way in the vicinity of the proposal may be affected. The applicant is responsible to contact any such users to attempt to reach an accommodation.

Section 2.1 of the Utility Policy Manual states:

The Ministry of Transportation and Highways permits utility owners to install equipment and facilities in highway right-of-way where it is practical and safe to do so, recognizing that the use of highway right-of-way provides a substantial benefit to the utilities themselves and to the general public.

Traffic Safety and Highway Development are First Priorities. The Ministry's primary responsibility is to ensure that public safety is not compromised by activities or installations within the highway right-of-way. In addition, decisions related to utilities must ensure that:

  • Existing highway facilities are not damaged or put at risk
  • Other non-highway facilities are protected
  • Future highway development is not unduly restricted by utilities.

Obtain information on any buried utility. "Call Before You Dig": 1-800-474-6886

This guide is a living document; it is subject to change without notice. Please check the Rural Subdivisions Website (http://www.th.gov.bc.ca/permits/Subdibision_Home.asp) to make sure you version is sufficiently current.