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Commercial Vehicle Permits Online

Online Permits

A commercial vehicle permit is required for a vehicle and/or load in the following situations: to operate a vehicle and/or load on a provincial road or highway where the size or weights exceed legal; a non-resident commercial vehicle needing to operate in B.C. for a single trip; a non-resident commercial vehicle travelling into or through B.C. that is required to pay a fuel tax. This site will allow you to apply for permits over the internet.

Highway Permits and Approvals

Any construction activity within the rights-of-way of a provincial road or highway must have the approval of the Ministry. This site will help you apply to use or occupy the right-of-way; and/or develop properties in Controlled Areas.

Rural Subdivision Approvals

This on-line guide is designed to lead you through the province's rural subdivision approval process. Everything you need to begin your application is available here, including relevant forms, and frequently asked questions.

Passenger Transportation Regulation

This section is for those involved in commercial passenger ground transportation industries, including taxis and limousines, as well as inter-city (scheduled) and charter buses.

Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles

The Office of the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles regulates drivers to help ensure the safe and responsible operation of motor vehicles in British Columbia.

Commercial Vehicle Regulations

This section is for you if you are a commercial carrier,
drive for a living, inspect vehicles or are looking for inspection information.

Transportation Acts and Statutes

A listing of Transportation-related Acts and Statutes.

Filming and Special Events

Periodically, film makers and special event organizers may wish to stage their activities on a provincial highway. The Ministry of Transportation wants your project to run as smoothly as possible.

Transportation regulations, legislation and guidelines for work and events on B.C. highways.
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