Kicking Horse Canyon Project



Premier's Award  - Innovation 2006/2007

Project Overview Presentation

January 29, 2007

Construction Update:

Girder Launching under way on new Park Bridge

GOLDEN – The installation of girders for the new Park Bridge has begun, as construciton continues on Phase 2 of the Kicking Horse Canyon Project.

The girder "launching" process began from the west abutment of the new bridge on January 24. The launching process involves pushing the first part of the girder assembly across the gap separating the abutment and the first pier, adding a girder segment to the tail end, pushing the combined assembly to the next pier, and repeating the push-and-add process until the entire 400-metre distance between the west and east abutments has been spanned.

The installation of the girders will be followed by bridge deck construction, to begin by late spring.

Construction of Phase 2 is expected to be complete by early 2008.


January 24, 2007

First set of girders is assembled and prepared for launch

January 25, 2007

Girder assembly is guided toward first pier

January 28, 2007

Additional girder segments
are assembled and
joined to the first



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