Environmental Regulatory Compliance for
Highway Development and Operations


Potential Approval, Permit or Code of Practice Requirements:

  • Spills of certain substances must be reported to the Provincial Emergency Program.

    To report an environmental emergency within the province of BC, call the 24-hour toll-free number 1-800-663-3456.

    This number puts the caller in contact with the Emergency Coordination Centre, which is run by the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP).


The Spill Reporting Regulation specifies the types and quantities of spills that must be immediately reported to the Provincial Emergency Program. Failure to report is an offence under Section 79(5) of the Environmental Management Act.

The regulation requires the person in charge of the spilled substance to take all reasonable and practical action to stop, contain and minimize the effects of the spill.

The MoE Regional Environmental Protection officer is responsible for enforcement.


Relevant Section or Regulation:

Regulating Agency:


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