Environmental Regulatory Compliance for
Highway Development and Operations

Crown Land Tenure

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations administers the Land Act and is responsible for the sale, lease and license of Crown lands throughout British Columbia. Tenure for the use of provincial Crown land for highway operations and construction, including the disposition of Crown land by lease, license of occupation, right-of-way and easement, is issued under the Act.

Activities related to highway development that are often undertaken on Crown land include: geotechnical field investigations; construction of a temporary access road; establishment of a borrow pit or a quarry; and construction of a road or highway.

The Process for Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Projects

License of Occupation, Right-of-Way and Easement

MoT must apply for tenure to use crown land. Application forms are available at http://www.for.gov.bc.ca/Land_Tenures/documents/forms/app_form.pdf. Completed forms are submitted to Front Counter BC. Front Counter BC will ensure that the application is complete and forward it to ILMB. ILMB will refer the application to potentially interested parties and agencies, consider the solicited input, adjudicate the application, and either allow or disallow it.

The application process is described in the flowchart below from the ILMB website.


Crown Land Reserves

Crown land may also be temporarily reserved from alienation on behalf of MoT pursuant to Section 16 of the Land Act.

Crown land reserves may be appropriate for highway operations and construction including development of gravel resource sites, short-term stockpiling of material unsuitable for highway construction, or to protect environmental compensation sites from development until permanent protection can be established.

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