Table of Contents Public Roads and Highways

Public Roads and Highways

The Highway Functional Classification Study adopted in June 1992 provides a system for categorizing the provincial roadways according to the function that the road provides. Different types of roads and highways provide for access to subdivisions. Others may be affected by traffic from subdivisions nearby.

Local roads provide access to properties fronting directly on the road as well as to lands beyond, in accordance with Section 75(1)(a)(ii) of the Land Title Act. Roads located within the common property of a strata development are not public roads and service only lots in the development.

Major and minor roads carry vehicles between major traffic-generating areas or between such areas and the primary and secondary highways. They are defined in the Ministry's Major Road or Street Network Plan. Local access to individual properties from major and minor roads should be minimized.

Primary and secondary highways allow high-speed movement of inter-and intra-provincial traffic. These are often designated Controlled Access highways. They are expected to provide high overall travel speeds with minimum interference to through movements. Access to individual properties is minimized.

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