Table of Contents Road Design and Construction

Road Design and Construction

The Engineering Branch of the Highways Department develops all road construction guidelines. Guidelines for subdivision roads can be found in Chapter 1400 of the Ministries BC Supplement to TAC Geometric Design Guide. Requirements for geotechnical design can be found in the ministries Geotechnical Design Specifications for Subdivisions publication.

Construction standards are compiled and published by Construction and Maintenance Branch of the Highways Department.  They are contained in the Standard Specifications for Highway Construction book, which is updated on an annual basis.  Engineering Branch, among others, contributes to the development of these standards. For easy reference and distribution, these standards are available on the Construction Maintenance Branch website.

Section 90 of the Transportation Act authorizes the Minister of Transportation to establish highway standards for rural highways.  This includes highways dedicated on a rural subdivision plan.  In addition, Section 506 of the Local Government Act permits local governments to establish minimum highway standards in their Subdivision Servicing Bylaw.

Where there are existing agreements between the Ministry of Transportation and other parties, those agreements shall prevail. 

This guide is a living document; it is subject to change without notice. Please check the Rural Subdivisions Website ( to make sure your version is sufficiently current.