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2.3.3 Access and Roads

Highway access through a rural subdivision is an essential component to the development. If you are subdividing, you will need to service your subdivision with roads.

The Land Title Act authorizes the Provincial Appproving Officer to determine the adequacy of roads in a subdivision.

Except in special circumstances, access to a subdivision should be via at least a two-lane, minimum-standard, all-weather road. In all cases, however, the road must be sufficient to serve the intended land use. For typical subdivision road standards, see the Subdivision Road Construction Specifications of the current British Columbia Supplement to the Transportation Association of Canada Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads ( TAC Guide Chapter 1400

Access requirements must conform to Section 75 of the Land Title Act. These requirements include:

  • necessary and reasonable access to all new parcels and lands beyond the subdivision
  • no unnecessary jogs in the alignment
  • clearing, drainage, construction and surfacing to the Approving Officer’s satisfaction
  • access to water

In addition, the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure must approve subdivisions adjacent to a controlled access highway before it is approved by a local government approving officer pursuant to Section 80 (b) of the Land Title Act.  This is to ensure the lots in the subdivision plan have access other than to a the Controlled Access Highway.

This guide is a living document; it is subject to change without notice. Please check the Rural Subdivisions Website ( to make sure your version is sufficiently current.