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Section 510 of the Local Government Act allows Regional Districts to acquire for park purposes up to 5% of the land being developed. Land designated for park under this Section should be shown as “park” on the subdivision plan.

This power to acquire parkland does not apply when:

  • The subdivision will create fewer than three additional lots
  • The smallest lot being created by the subdivision will be larger than two hectares
  • The subdivision consolidates existing parcels

Payment in Lieu of Dedication: If the Regional District has Letters Patent for the park function, the landowner has the option of paying money in lieu of the 5% dedication.

However, if an official community plan or a rural land use bylaw contains policies and designations regarding the location and type of future parks, the Regional District may decide whether the applicant should provide land or money.

The Regional District is responsible for identifying the need for park dedication and determining where it should be located. It does this in response to the Ministry's subdivision referral. The applicant and the Regional District work out the details of cash in lieu as well as any disagreement about the location of the park.

Dedication of Linear Parkland It may be in the public's best interest to establish a strip adjacent to a stream or river as Crown Land pursuant to Section 85 of the Land Title Act and Section 510 of the Local Government Act.

For example, if a river has high recreational value, a seven-metre wide strip adjacent to a river may be recommended to allow access for people wishing to fish.

A park does not qualify as a road.

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