Table of Contents Frontage of Lots

Frontage of Lots

If a parcel being created by a subdivision fronts on a highway, Section 512 of the Local Government Act requires that the minimum frontage on the highway be the greater of the following:

  • 10% of the perimeter of the lot, or
  • The minimum frontage required by a bylaw

In general, the 10% rule is a good rule of thumb for avoiding parcel shapes that would be too small for a building envelope (building site, access, and so on) and for any further development of the parcel.

Before granting relief from the frontage requirement, the Approving Officer may consider the following:

  • Is the frontage offered adequate to provide the access required now?  If not, more parcel frontage would have to be provided or the lot modified
  • Is the terrain suitable for access where that frontage is provided?  If not, frontage has to be provided elsewhere
  • Does the lot contain an adequate building envelope?  If not, a building cannot be constructed and the lot would have to be modified
  • Does the proposed parcel have further subdivision potential that will not be realized because the limited frontage will make it impossible to access that potential lot?  If so, the subdivision may be rejected

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