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Parcel Size

Parcel size in subdivisions is tied to health concerns such as water supply and sewage disposal capability, and to local government zoning bylaws. In areas that are not governed by any subdivision or zoning bylaws Section 6 of the Subdivision Regulations (B.C. Regulation 262/70) of the Local Services Act governs parcel size.

Subdivision plans that do not meet parcel size or zoning requirements may not be approved, except in the following cases:

  • One new lot is being created for a separate residence for a relative, pursuant to Section 514 of the Local Government Act. (See “Subdivision of Land for Relatives”)
  • A proposal met parcel size requirements when Preliminary Layout Approval was issued, and then rezoning rendered the proposal non-conforming under Section 511 of the Local Government Act. In such a case, the proposal can be given final approval within one year of the adoption of the bylaw.
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