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Water Systems

The Approving Officer may require the provision of water in proposed subdivisions regardless of parcel sizes.

Water systems serving two or more residences are water supply systems as defined by the Drinking Water Protection Act. They require a Construction Permit issued by a Public Health Engineer of the Regional Health Authority. They also require an Operating Permit issued by the Regional Health Authority's Drinking Water Officer.

Water systems serving five lots or more are water utilities as defined by the Water Utility Act.

Where such systems are involved, the applicant must submit the following to the District Transportation Office before final approval of the subdivision plan:

  • A letter from the Ministry of Environment, Utility Regulation Section, Water Management Branch stating that the water system has been installed to acceptable standards and confirmation that ‘as built’ drawings have been approved by the Comptroller of Water
  • An amendment to the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) is required if an extension to an existing water system is proposed to be constructed. Sometimes the CPCN covers a larger area than is presently served so an amendment is not required. For new community water systems, a new Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity is required

Usually proof of an adequate supply of potable water is a requirement in the local government's Subdivision Servicing Bylaw.

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