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Water Supply

Regardless of parcel size, assurance of an adequate supply of potable water suitable for the proposed land use is required.

Water may be supplied from:
  • individual surface sources
  • individual wells on site
  • new water system
  • extension of an existing water system

If there is no subdivision bylaw regulating proof of water supply, the Approving Officer may require proof of 2500 litres per day per dwelling unit, as well as a statement from a laboratory regarding the water's quality.

If there is a subdivision bylaw regulating proof of water supply, the proposed subdivision must comply with it. In general, the local government determines whether the proof of water supply requirements has been met. (See "Water Systems")  The local government may also specify that ‘fire flows’ be provided in water supply systems.

For further information on Water Supply requirements, see the Drinking Water Protection Act and Regulation BC Reg, 200/2003 [effective November 1, 2005]and the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.  You may also wish to contact local government and the local Health Authority for their guidelines on potable water

This guide is a living document; it is subject to change without notice. Please check the Rural Subdivisions Website ( to make sure your version is sufficiently current.