Table of Contents Arterial Highways

Arterial Highways

Arterial highways are provincial roads within a municipality.

According to Section 45 of the Transportation Act the Ministry may:

  1. designate the following as arterial highways -
    1. any municipal land that the government acquires
    2. a municipal highway that has been resumed under Section 35 of the Community Charter, or
    3. any municipal land or improvements referred to in Section 35 (2) (a) to (f) and (j) of the Community Charter, and
  2. remove the designation of "arterial highway" from any highway.

Section 47 of the Transportation Act states that the Ministry has the right to improve or otherwise alter an arterial highway. Where the ministry requires right-of-way for an arterial highway for a subdivision under Section 80 of the Land title Act, the dedication of the land as “arterial highway” is created on deposit of the subdivision plan and gazette publication notice of the plan under Section 44.1 of the Transportation Act.

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