Table of Contents Authority for Controlled Access Highways

Authority for Controlled Access Highway

Section 48 of the Transportation Act designates some highways as “Controlled Access Highways”.  These highways may be located anywhere in the Province.  The Ministry of Transportation has zoning, access and subdivision regulatory roles over the land adjacent to these highways. 

The Minister of Transportation regulates subdivisions adjacent to controlled access highways to minimize the impact of development on safety and traffic flow on these highways.  This requirement applies whether the lots proposed abut the controlled access highway or only the remainder is adjacent to the highway.  The Ministry of Transportation requires all access to be via a local street or frontage road if at all possible.

Under Section 80 of the Land Title Act, the Provincial Approving Officer is limited to considering the impact of the development on the controlled access highway where the local government is the subdivision approving authority.  Regulation of these subdivisions by the Provincial Approving Officer ensures that alternative road access is provided to the subdivision as required by B. C. Regulation 8/89 of the Land Title Act. This process ensures that the controlled access highway will not be compromised by land locking new parcels to the corridor.

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